We're Gonna Have a Great Cruise is the song performed in the episode Let Us Entertain You, sang of Zack and Cody later when they found Carey sun-burned.

Singers Edit

Lyrics Edit

Zack: If you’re feeling weary babe, then sail away with me

Cody: Let your cares just drift away upon the seven seas

Zack: Once you pack your bags, you’ve got nothing to lose

Both: We’re going to have a great cruise!

Zack: I’ll hold you close dear as we dance beneath the skies

Cody: Feel the breeze caress us as I gaze into your eyes

Zack: Won’t you take my hand; you’re the one that I choose

Both: We’re going to have a great cruise!

Zack: Yes, you and me baby!

Cody: We’re going to have a—

Zack: We’re going to have a great cruise!

Cody: (scatting)

Zack: Bon voyage!

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