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Tiffany is a friend of London Tipton and Chelsea Brimmer. She is very rich and only makes two appearances in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Like London Tipton and Chelsea Brimmer, Tiffany and her family are very rich. Tiffany first appears in the episode: Miniature Golf. In the episode, London, Chelsea and Tiffany start a book club and read Pride and Prejudice. At first, they procrastinate and never read the book but towards the end they read it. Unfortunately, the group gets in a fight about who has more money, and pies and cakes are thrown around The Tipton Hotel lobby. Tiffany then appears in the episode: Who's the Boss?. This time, she has a boyfriend named Winthrop Barrington. Tiffany claims that her and Winthrop will be staying and the Barrington resort in Barringtonia. Eventually, she meets London's boyfriend, Lance Fishman. At first, Chelsea and Tiffany think he is weird but at the Golden Silver Ball, when he dresses well, the two girls develop a crush on him.

Tiffany is fairly dumb, much like her friends. This is probably due to her wealth. In addition, London, Chelsea and Tiffany occasionally get in to "How rich are you" fights.


Tiffany has fairly long hair, and is a fairly average height. She has brown hair. Additionally, she wears fancy clothes when she goes out, particularly at the Golden Silver Ball.