Seven Seas High School is a fictional high school aboard The S.S. Tipton.

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Zack Martin Edit

He confuses all the topics (French, Maths, Geography, etc). A difference in the Seven Seas High and all of his older schools in Boston, Cody did all the work, and he doesn't do anything; but in the Seven Seas, Cody groups with Bailey, and Zack is forced to do it with London and Woody.

Cody Martin Edit

Cody Martin is an excellent student, his brother usually steals Cody's old reports seen in Goin' Bananas. In Sea Monster Mash he and Bailey did a project together to find "Galapagos Gerti".

London Tipton Edit

London is one of the worst students at Seven Seas High.She is the richest student at Seven Seas High.

Bailey Pickett Edit

Bailey, is also a smart student. It is hinted that she may be smarter than Cody because Ms. Tutweiller was impressed with her entry exam as seen in the pilot episode. And many times like Cody, she speaks in the middle of Miss Tutweiller's Class by saying the continuation of what Ms. Tutweiller is teaching. She would usually group with Cody as seen in Sea Monster Mash.

Woody Fink Edit

Woody is also another student of the Seven Seas High and good friend of Zack and Cody.Woody is the third worst student at Seven Seas High.

Addison Edit

Addison loves candy and sweets but when she eats too much she gets really Hyper.

Marcus LittleEdit

Marcus was a singer named Little Little when he was a little boy. He now rooms with Zack and hangs out with the gang.

Other Students Edit

Thier are about 3 or 4 other students.They are hardly mention.Their names have never been mention either.

Projects Edit

Parrot Island Edit

A Island where all the trees got cut down by Wilfred Tipton. Due to this London gets taken to prison then Zack, Cody, Mr Moseby, Woody and Bailey go to save London but they get taken to prison from being friends with her.Actually Bailey's pig saves the day.

Galapagos Island Edit

In Sea Monster Mash, was a project about the animals or plants in the Galapagos Island, also, Cody with Bailey want to search "Galapagos Gerti" (finally she appears), but like she never appears when Cody was seeing, Bailey puts Cody's name in her project of the penguins. Zack, London & Woody do a project about Galapagos Plants, but when London puts Power Mega Smoothie in one of the plants because she couldn't wait any longer because nothing was happening, the plant grow very fast.Then when they all came in the room they all got tangled up.