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Chelsea Brimmer is a best friend of London Tipton, and is very rich.


Chelsea Brimmer is noted as very rich, but not as rich as London Tipton. Chelsea is first seen in the episode: Miniature Golf. In the episode, London, Chelsea and Tiffany start a book club, but none of them read the book at first becuase they want to gossip instead. Later on, the girls get in a fight and pies and cakes get thrown all over The Tipton Hotel lobby. She then appears in the episode: Who's the Boss?, this time appearing with her boyfriend at the Golden Silver Ball. Towards the end, she seems to be crushing on Lance Fishman, who was currently London's boyfriend.

Towards the end of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, she made yet another appearance in the episode: Tiptonline. For a short while, she became the producer of Yay Me Starring London Tipton!, although she did a horrible job. Once TSLOZAC ended, Chelsea Brimmer made an appearance in the Suite Life on Deck episode, Flowers and Chocolate. In the episode, she visited London on the S.S. Tipton. London fooled her into believing that she had a big room and a servant named Woodford, who was really Woody Fink. Woody had a crush on Chelsea. When she found out that London shared a room and had no servant, she could not believe it. London and Chelsea made up in the end.

Chelsea Brimmer (like London) is not smart at all. This is probably becuase she is rich. Chelsea speaks quite oddly, almost like a mentally challenged person. She takes things very literally. Additionally, she brags about her family being incredibly rich. In the series, viewers do not know how she is rich, or what her family does to become wealthy.


Chelsea wears normal clothes, sometimes of a high class. She is of an average height, and sometimes wears high heels. Chelsea has long brown hair. Her hair has a slight curl to it; it is never straight.